8 tips to help a tired mum take a break around young children

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As a mum I know that we get tired and stressed out and just need a break.  Before I had my children I had time to relax but I just didn’t know it then.   There are times that enjoying a hot drink is a huge task and catching up with your favourite programs in the day is now not possible, its children’s tv instead!

Sometimes we can’t switch off and relax as we have hundreds of things to do but it is really important to take time for yourself. You have to look after yourself as at the end of the day we are the ones looking after the children and we need to be feeling as strong as we can.


If you are stressed here are 8 Tips to help you relax


Tip 1Have a relaxing bubble bath  If you have a napping baby or toddler run the bath as soon as they fall asleep, forget the dishes for now and go enjoy the peace.  As when your child doesn’t sleep in the day getting in the bath consists of a child trying to put toys in your bath or wanting to get in with you, its not relaxing haha!  So I suggest to do this one as soon as they are asleep at night or when they are at preschool in the day if possible.


Tip 2Meet a friend/family for coffee Having young children can be very lonely, the one thing that has got me through the bad days was family and friends.  From when I had my first child Annabelle I always met up with different friends either at playbarns, play cafes, children centres or to save money at one another’s houses.  It really does de-stress you to know your not alone.  Its just so nice to chat about your life, the good things, helping one another with any problems one another has and your child has a companion to play with.


Tip 3 Meditation I have only recently discovered meditation and how beneficial it is to me to help me to relax.  There are different types of mediation and help numerous things, for me as I get anxious quite easily listening to a relaxing guided meditation really helps  to relax my mind.  All I do is go into youtube and search for meditations for anxiety and there are so many videos to choose from.  I have recommended these videos to others and they have told me they have helped them too, one person couldn’t sleep and when he played this he fell asleep.


Tip 4-  Watching youtube videos When I am stressed I need to sit down and watch a tv program however this may be a issue if you have young children around.  So what I do is watch youtube videos either on my phone or my laptop.  It really chills me out and sometimes gives me motivation I need to get certain tasks done like cleaning.


Tip 5-  Listen to you favourite music This is a well know tip but listening to your favourite music really helps with stress, I tend to put the music on a tidy up, I relax and the housework gets done.


Tip 6-  Read Inspirational quotes When I am stressed or something in particular is annoying me I look for inspiration in quotes, it really helps me change my mindset and makes me realise I am not the only one and also makes me think positive.  I really recommend reading quotes either from google or instagram.


Tip 7 – Get up before the children Getting up before your children can really help you start your day right.  Getting up, making a drink and either watching tv, youtube or even searching the net is just the best feeling.  You are starting your day with you time.  In my opinion getting up with my children and especially being woken up by my children makes me stressed, getting up before then eliminates this problem.


Tip 8- Occupy your child Sometimes we can’t have me time but we still need quiet time. So whenever the children are loud I put there favourite programs on either the tv, laptop or my phone.  They  are good at least for a while so I can make a cup of tea and relax.  You could put some crafts out or bring out some new toys they haven’t seen for a while.


I hope you found these tips useful, remember its so important to have that bit of me time as you deserve it!

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Victoria x


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