My Top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress as a Busy Mum


Hey Everyone… I am actually sitting down in my house right now Child Free… Yes this mum of 4 has no Children for one morning! I have 3 at School and the little one is at a playbarn with his fab Childminder!  Its so refreshing to have a bit of freedom, I mean for the last 7 years I have always had a baby at home, but I decided enough was enough and I deserve a morning to work in peace… the dryer and washing machine is obviously on though!

It got me thinking about how I reduce my stress with Children around, I am a single mum and can’t say to my other half  ‘do you mind if I go out to relax’ its just not possible for me at the moment so I have to relax and reduce my stress around the Children. Easy said than done but you know you have to make the best out of every situation.

So here is my Top 10 Tips to reduce stress as a Busy Mum

  • Have a relaxing bath or long shower when the Children are napping or asleep! There is nothing worse than having a relaxing bath and you have to get out half way through to sort your children out.  In my case a few weeks ago I got the ‘MUM’ call ‘Josephs gone outside’ yes I was in the bath and had to jump out, grab a towel and get my crazy 3 year old back in from finding snails! I don’t think anyone saw me!    You could have your favourite bubble bath, pamper products, relaxing music on or whatever you enjoy


  • Putting my favourite music on. When the Children are home usually at the weekend or holidays I regularly put youtube on and listen to my favourite music, I don’t know why but Glee songs always lift me up!  I end up dancing and so do the Children! So a stressful situation ends up being family fun as there is nothing better than watching your children dance and be happy.


  • Cooking or Baking.  In my case baking, when I’m feeling stressed I am usually feeling sorry for myself and find with some delicious food usually helps and it keeps the Children satisfied for a while too


  • Exercising – It is so good for stress, I recently bought a Zumba Dvd and when Isaac naps I sometimes have done a workout! I’ve never done zumba before but its Amazing! I worked up a sweat and didn’t even realise and felt so good with myself for workout out and starting to get rid of my baby Tummy or maybe my comfort eating tummy!


  • Having a hot drink ( or a glass of wine in the evening) for me when the Children are around and I have come to the point of .. if anyone asks me for anything else… I make a drink and tell the Children its cup of tea time and mummy is having some time out! I have to say the two older Children get it but my 3 year old finds it tough to understand so I have to settle him first!


  • Watching your favourite program or film – Something as simple as this is so effective, obviously this is when the Children are asleep but its so nice to catch up with your favourite programmes and watch their world.
  • Watch or listen to something positive on youtube like a meditation, or guided hypnosis! Last week when Isaac had a nap I wasn’t feeling right as I hardly slept the night before, so I had no energy to work or clean the house so I put a hypnosis on and went sleep so quickly I was so relaxed! If I ever find it hard to get to sleep I know what to do


  • Spend time with people who make you laugh, inspire you and lift you up, this is so important, having that supportive network even when you have the children around is so important. For me I have my mum I regularly go round after school for that support, I relax as its not just me with the Children so takes the pressure off.  I see my friends  also and we have a good laugh and help one another with any issues.


  • I take the Children out to a playbarn or a play cafe so they can play as half the time they are a handful because they are bored, so especially in holidays and at the weekend we go out. They get to play and I get a coffee! The break in the day from being at home does us all good.


  • Doing something with the Children whether its reading a story, playing with them, watching a film, cuddling, this reduces stress as the Children have what they love your full attention so unlikely to play up! I find that the Children are good as gold when I am sitting with them.


I hope you enjoyed my top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress, being a mum is very demanding and we all deserve a break, even if its you having to give yourself that self care.












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