Why You Have To Believe in Yourself

Positive Thinking, Self Development

Believing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do, you are so special and deserve the best life. You have to know this in your head and heart.

To believe in yourself you have to know your own self worth,  yes its great to get recognition from others but its so important that you recognise your own potential first.  Why?  because people will knock you down in life, you have probably experienced it before from a very young age.   When you have self worth and believe in yourself, your dreams, your passions, your capability no-one will get in your way as you are strong.

I am 30 now and have been through some ups and downs, looking back its the downs that made me realise my true potential.  I believed in myself for the first time, I discovered my passions and dreams and the fact that I could change my life and also change other peoples too.  I decided that I deserved better, I knew I had so much to give and I wasn’t living my full potential.  So I decided to do something about it.

downloadI love this quote! I realised that to believe in yourself you have to be you, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t try and be like someone else.  You have to realise what you have to offer to the world is you, no-one is like you. Your value to the world is you.


Why is believing in yourself so important?  Because it gives you the strength to not only realise what you have to offer but to go make your dreams a reality.  Its that driving force, motivation and determination that you need.  If you look at the different between successful and non successful people its the belief in their goals and ability.

I love this topic and will write more about it soon!



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