Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

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Life has its challenges big and small,  which can try to get in the way of your dreams.   We all know that going after your dreams isn’t a easy task in itself and things can knock you down  but remember you have to get back up and keep going, they say don’t quit before the magic happens.

Mums you know this too well, it reminds me of having a baby, you know that after the pain there is going to be the most magical experience of your life.  Your baby is the dream, the labour is the challenge but without a doubt in your mind you are going to hold that baby, hold your creation.


My Story
When I had just Annabelle, Callum and Joseph, myself and my ex partner, their dad were struggling financially and I was not happy in the relationship so I decided that my best bet was to earn my own money, to either help the family or become a single mum and provide for my Children.  So I looked around to find something that I could do at home around the children and earn money.

Even though I needed the money I soon began to realise that I had a lot of potential and a lot of value to give, my dream of my future began.  Before I wasn’t dreaming big, I wasn’t even dreaming small.  In fact I wasn’t dreaming at all,  I was depending on someone that was unable to give me stability and support I needed.

I started to create momentum in my business, I loved what I did, I started to grow a team and I loved motivating and inspiring them daily. Then… Life changed, I got pregnant by surprise, the company went down, and my relationship got worse. I was in a snowball but I knew that I was still going to achieve my dreams, its just a different story that I was first anticipating.

Looking back know I got through the struggle, the pain and I am now back on the right path following my dreams.   I didn’t give up hope, I didn’t give up.  I could have said I can’t do this anymore, I am a single mum of 4 I have not got the time or energy to work a business too.  But that was not my mindset, I had a big why, I still have a big why and nothing will stop me achieving the lifestyle I desire.

Here are my 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your Dreams

Your Purpose  We are here to do something amazing and I believe that our dreams and desires are there to help us create that purpose.  Everyone has different dreams but ultimately we are here to help other people, animals, this world in some way.  Know that you are doing it for something bigger, you are here to leave a legacy. Dreams are planted in your heart for a reason.


Change Lives   How will the result of your dreams help your future and the future of those closest to you?  Creating the life you want doesn’t come easy but at the end of the day dreams change your life in some way.  How will you life be when you are living your dream?


Your self worth – You have got to believe in yourself and your goals.  People may think your unrealistic or dreaming too big but the fact is most people don’t dream at all and have limitations planted inside their brains.  Plus the reality is the people that try to stop you haven’t achieved your dreams and goals, the people that have succeeded will motivate and believe in you.


The Experience – So if you didn’t go after your dreams, what would you do instead and how would you feel?  To go after your dreams you are taking the leap of faith in yourself, but stepping out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.


The Success– This is ultimate goal, when you have created what your started out to do, you have made a huge achievement.  An amazing feeling to get recognition from others and know that it was all because you believed in yourself.



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