Why a Single Mum is Creating the Life she wants Now!

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I do not have a bad life right now.   We have food on the table, a roof over our heads, lovely family, fantastic friends and my Children attend the most brilliant school.   But something is missing and that is Freedom, Financial Freedom and Freedom in life generally.

I have two Choices as a Single Mum, I can live off the government and get Income Support or I can work.  Now working in employment is not a option because of childcare costs and its not what I personally stand for.  However having my own business online is what I believe in.  I can create a business and a life i love and inspire and support others to do the same thing.  It takes time, hard work, self motivation and a strong mindset but the future is so bright.  Being a entrepreneur is what will benefit my family now and always.

Here is why…

We have lived and do live in a time where people work in the week or shift work,  have one job, some people even more to make ends meet.   Some people have weekends off, we are given so many days holiday a year, we are told when to arrive, when to leave and who you have to work with.  You can apply for promotions to get more money, but usually that comes with a price like spending less time with your family for some even moving away from your family.  Your job is always at risk as you are not really in control of it.

Retirement is when we are approximately  66 years old in the UK.  I am 30 years old so no doubt about it,  that age will keep rising.  This is the time of peoples lives when the majority ( that have a good pension ) have gained back their freedom, they go abroad, on cruises, meet up for lunch, enjoy the sun(when we have it) they can relax, do what they want, when they want.  However some pensioners don’t have very good health by then and part of the problem is down to working all their adult life and lifestyle, even stress, actually probably down to stress. That means they don’t get the freedom, they could have had experiences, made memories with the people they love except they were in work.

I do not want this to be my life.  I remember when I was in Primary School around the age of 10,  I had to do some homework, I can’t remember what the homework was but I remember the conclusion.  I said to my mum, ‘so we have go to School, Go to College, Go to University, we have to work and then we are old, whats the Point?  My Mums reaction wasn’t exactly positive I have to say, I think she was having a bad day haha, she said ‘Yes Life’s Rubbish’ I think I always wanted to have a life of freedom and Choice but I didn’t realise until I hit my rock bottom and decided to get myself out of the rut.

The Idea of changing my future started about 3 years ago when myself and my ex partner had no money after all the bills went out, there was only him working as I was looking after the Children,.  As It wasn’t worth going back to work because the Childcare was too expensive, I would just be working to pay for Annabelle to be in Nursery and that was pointless.  I knew that this wasn’t going to be the norm for me, living payday to payday I wanted lots of money to be in my bank and not have to worry about it.  I wanted to also have a business I loved but at the time I did not have the confidence in myself to begin anything.

Rock Bottom came a year ago when I made the decision to leave their father, it was not the easiest of decisions as I had been with him for almost 11 years and we have 4 young Children together.  But I was put in the position that I realised my life wasn’t going anywhere positive for me or my children.  Money was a huge issue and I knew that I had to provide for my Children and not depend on anyone else, I had to be financially independent.  I have Amazing family that have supported me financially but there comes a time where you have to stand on your own two feet.

I refuse to live a life worrying about money, and this is the norm for most people. Money isn’t everything but when its not there and you do not have enough it is a problem and does affect the whole family.    I’ve worried about money from such a young age, I can’t remember a time i didn’t.  I was brought up by my Amazing Mum who was also a single mum but back then was no internet so the opportunities of working from home around your Children just wasn’t available.  But I know that if it was she would have grabbed it with both hands and run with it just as I am now.   I will have the freedom to go on holiday every School Holiday, I will go to Australia and America and experience new things, I will buy a big house in the Country where the Children will have more freedom to play.  I will be able to afford to pay for the Children to go on School trips, Sports Camps without having to worry or have financial support.

Yes I am currently a Single Mum, Yes I do have 4 Young Children to look after and my time is limited but they deserve an Amazing Life and so do I.  I can’t wait around on benefits until they are all at school knowing I have value to give in the world and experiences to give the Children.  It wouldn’t feel right to me and I wouldn’t be fulfilled.  One thing I’ve realised is that you can’t let circumstances or people bring you down, you also can’t sit around waiting to be handed things on a plate, that doesn’t happen and if it does now it won’t forever.  Its about choices and a decision. I made the decision to go after my Dreams, to go after that life I want.  I am so excited for the rest of the journey.
I want to be able to show my Children that if you put your mind to anything you can achieve it and change your life.   I already have achieved so much and I am a lot stronger than I’ve ever been, this has giving me the motivation to go for it.   You have to take opportunities in life and run with them if it resonates with you.   You can live a life that you will love, others are doing it so why can’t you?   Also Believe in Yourself as that’s where the magic begins!

I would love you to follow my Journey and share yours too <3





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