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Mumpreneur Diaries

Hey Everyone, I thought I would start writing about being a Mumpreneur.   I just love the name Mumpreneur it really resonates with me. I am mainly a mum and I have a business that has to revolve around that!

So the Children went back to school yesterday, which I still can’t believe as I just got used to them being at home with me.

Funny Story…. I thought they were back on the Tuesday , On Sunday night,  one of the mums (luckily) messaged me to ask if I wanted some spare nappies and she wrote ‘see you tomorrow ‘ obviously I started panicking slightly as I had nothing organised and I didn’t even buy everything the Children needed.  However I was excited as I needed a break, being a single mum is tough at time, especially holidays.  I know would have had a bigger panic on Monday morning  when I looked on facebook to discover loads of first day on term photos of the Children’s school friends! I really need to get organised!


Monday morning I got Annabelle, Callum and Joseph into school on time woo hoo, they all went in their classrooms lovely, I am so grateful as the Children go to a lovely school!  They have been amazing with me being a single mum, always say how well I do and are just supportive.  Unfortunately we didn’t get chance to capture the Door Photo of the Children in their Clean new school uniform.  It was chaotic,  running around the house after Joseph, trying to get Annabelle and Callum to get their school uniforms on which they were complaining about being too big.  Anyhow I did manage to get after school photos of them with messy hair ( annabelle took her plaits out) and dirty school uniform, well that’s real life anyway!


The Children being back at school is a blessing for my business.  I had to put the Children as my top priority obviously , and with there being 4 young Children I didn’t have much time to work on this blog.  When they were asleep , my brain just wouldn’t function! It was hard!  It was even harder that the Children’s father thinks his business is more important and hardly saw the Children.  But i’ve just got to think positive and fit my business in around them.  I just found it didn’t work for me this holiday as I didn’t get a rest nevermind time to work.

Thats the beauty of being a Mumpreneur, your work fits in around your life.  Obviously it is a juggling act, I just can’t wait to help mumpreneurs have a successful business and a happy family life! My plan anyway!

I will see you soon, Victoria xx

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