Focus on the Joys not the Problems

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Hey Everyone,

As a society we focus on the negatives, the issues, the problems in our lives personally and within the world around us.  It is on the news on tv, in newspapers and on social media, we get sucked into the negativity on a daily basis. We meet up with friends and family and complain about things, how we are unhappy with our lives in some way, it has become a habit for us all.

Yesterday I sat down to do a youtube video, I was chatting about my problems from the last week  and I felt miserable afterwards as it brought back negative emotions.  After I realised that the video I just created was against my beliefs, the fact that I want to focus on the positives in my lives and not be drawn into complaining victim mentality.

So I deleted the video and created this Video below at the bottom of the post… ‘Focus on the Joys not the Problems’ and afterwards I felt positive and happy that I would have given someone some value and positivity.  I believe that even though we can have rubbish days or rubbish aspects to our lives we should try to focus on the positive.  If we can see the light of the situation or the funny side and actually be taking action daily to turn the situation around so that it benefits us and the people around us, this is what helps us and our life.

Here is the Quote that reminded me of what I was doing….


So I decided to share my top 3 Joys in my life with you, and to focus my mind on whats good in my life and encourage others to do the same.  It would be great to see you over on my Channel!

Love Victoria x

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