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Mumpreneur Diaries

Hey Everyone,

My reason for starting the ‘Mumpreneur Diaries’ on this blog  is to share with you my Personal Journey , the joys, the struggles and how I make things easier so I can do what I love for a living as well as look after 4 young Children.

So as many of us have read or heard a productive action step for a Parent Entrepreneur is to… Get Up before your Children so you can start the day right with affirmations or meditations and get some work done before you step into the Mum pr Dad role and your priority is your Children.

From experience getting up before my Children and getting an hour alone is like Mission Impossible.  I will share with you yesterday morning.

My alarm went off at 6am, it woke me up for once and because I was basically asleep I couldn’t turn the thing off for about 30 seconds and as it was making a loud noise I realised my 3 year old was in my bed. Ahh!

After I managed to get the alarm off I decided I would take my chance of freedom, sneak very quietly and slowly around my son and out of the bed.  I completed this.

I felt so excited at 6 am as I was getting quiet time, its ridiculous but at the same time genius.  I knew if any of the Children are going to wake it would be Joseph with his super sonic hearing.

I managed to get downstairs, shut the door just to be on the safe side with any noise, I didn’t want the children up before 7am.  When you are trying to be very quiet you realise how noisy the kettle is and I’m sure i’m not the only one whispering ‘come on come on’  staring at the kettle and watching the door thinking you’ve failed.  But I was fine, I completed that task.

I sat down in my living room, put my laptop on my knee and decided a Morning mediation was my first action step.  I choose a video and sat back enjoying the moment then about 5 minutes into to my very quiet meditation I heard elephant footsteps on the landing then down the stairs.  It was 6.20 am… and of course the Child was Joseph aka Sonic.

Joseph was practically asleep, realised I wasn’t in bed and that he should be up too,  I said ‘Joseph its not morning yet’ He looked outside then back at me ‘its morning its light outside’  I had a choice here…. do I make him go back to bed, deal with his paddy and the fact that all 4 Children will be awake and I would say Bye Bye to me time or….. give him the phone, warn him he had to be super quiet and actually get some me time.  Obviously I went for the latter.

Did I have me time?- yes,

Did I enjoy the time? yes although I wasn’t fully in the zone as I could hear paw patrol in the background.

Would I try again tomorrow? yes but understand it will be very unpredictable

The truth is Children are unpredictable especially young Children, they don’t understand me time, the fact mummy wants you in bed still and that mummy has to work.  The best us parents can do is try again and hope for the best.   For me to guarantee work time Isaac now goes to the Childminders 2 mornings a week.  This was the most sensible decision.

Are you a work from home parent? Do you manage to get up before your Children?

Here is my You Tube Video below if you wanted to see..

Victoria x


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