10 Tips to help Mums have a Stress Free Morning

Get Organised

I am guessing that you are a very busy mum and all you want is a stress free Morning.  You want a calm routine not chaos that can come with trying to organise Children as well as getting yourself ready.  My mornings used to be crazy with four little ones.  It would start with them waking me up and then I would get so stressed because I couldn’t wake up slowly, it was full speed ahead from the moment I opened my eyes.  I was exhausted because I was running around the house after the Children and this made me stressed and anxious which was not good.  I knew that in order to change this I would have to change my routine, get organised and then in turn have a stress free morning.

Tip 1 – Get all your clothes ready the night before

When I started doing this it made my mornings less stressful. The reason I didn’t before was because I had so many other things to do when the Children were asleep but once I started making this a priority I didn’t look back.  It was great because I wasn’t looking for socks at 8.30 am instead the Children knew that all their clothes were there and they had to get dressed.  If you want to get even more organised you could get their clothes ready on the Sunday for the whole week.

Tip 2 –  Make the School Lunch the night before

If you are anything like I was, I was making up their sandwiches as well as making a cup of tea, sorting breakfast, looking for clothes, it was awful.  Once I decided that packed lunch is sorted in the evening and popped it in the fridge it saved me 10-15 minutes of my time the next morning and I had saved time and stress.

Tip 3 – Get the breakfast organised the night before

If your Children are like mine the first thing they say is ‘I’m hungry’ it drove me mad as I had just got up and I just wasn’t organised.  Once I started putting the Cereal box on the table, the bowls and the spoons ready. all I had to do once the Children were at the table is pour the cereal and the milk.

Tip 4 – Create your next morning routine

I love writing things down you want to achieve as it really helps you stick to it.  Write down what time you want to wake up, when you want to eat breakfast, get dressed, leave for school.  Also any things that you need to do that you may forget the following morning.

Tip 5 – Organise belongings

Another tip that will save you time is having a designated area for school/ nursery bags, PE kits, etc.  It would be 8.30 and I would say ‘ where is your PE Kit?’ ‘I don’t know’ and I would be running around the house looking for clothes.  So I bought a box that can be stored away in the evening and when the children come home they place there bags in the box for the next morning.

Tip 6 – Get up earlier

I know this can be easier said than done depending on the age of your children and their sleeping patterns. I found this difficult at times because my children seemed to know when I got out of bed from about 630. When I woke up at 530 I actually got more free time! However to do this I had to go sleep earlier which was a bit tricky.  But Once I started doing this I realised that the morning I can think better and I can actually write blog posts then whereas at 10 pm I couldn’t think and was falling asleep.  This is also a great time to have some peace and quiet, meditate, read or get some work done.

Tip 7 – No TV or electronics in the morning before being ready for school

I fell into the trap when I wasn’t organised of letting my Children go on the tablets or watch tv.   I just wanted a cup of tea in peace and wake up, the problem was they were not motivated to get ready therefore my job was a lot harder and stressful. So I made a rule that they have to be completely ready for school before they could have a little play.

Tip 8 – Create Routine Charts

My Children are all under 8 and still need a reminder to brush their teeth.  I started creating routine charts for the Children to remind them of what they needed to do every morning to be ready for school. For example… Get dressed, Brush Hair, Clean teeth, make bed.  This helps Children get focused and reminds them what they have to do each morning.  Eventually they will remember everything without a reminder.

Tip 9 – Set Children little jobs

Children love to help out, have some responsibility so I started letting them help me.  They started laying the plates out, getting the spoons, pouring the cereal into the bowls. This teaches Children that mummy doesn’t do everything for them and its great to work as a team.

Tip 10- Stay Calm

Being a parent is stressful and every morning isn’t going to go to plan.  Try to stay calm with the Children, as when you get stressed they pick up on it and react and you just feel anxious and stressed out.


I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 Tips to have a Stress Free Morning for Mums, please share your tips and experiences?


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