Why This Blog Is So Important To Me & My Blogging Goals for January 2017


Hey Everyone!

Its now January 2017 and the Children have just gone back to school and the youngest has started at a childminders for 4-8 hours a week so I can get this blog up and running like I always dreamed I would, in the day when I am actually focused properly.

My mission with this blog is to provide value to Mums all around the world who are struggling working from home around children or who are thinking about working from home.  I will always support, motivate and encourage women who are raising Young Children as well as financially supporting their family.

I want to share every step of the way with you, my dreams, my goals, my accomplishments, my struggles and show you what strategies I’ve put in place to overcome those issues.

Why is this blog important to me?

The Positivity Mum was created when I was going through the most challenging time of my life.   The reason was I was trying my hardest to be just that….  a Positive Mum.

I became a single mum to 4 young Children under 7 with basically no financial or childcare support from the father.  So I was doing everything, looking after 4 children, the youngest was 6 months at the beginning, doing the school runs, looking after a house, sorting the finances and trying to work. I won’t lie, looking after 4 children is a full time job in itself so doing everything else is almost impossible without support.

I’ve always had a passion for blogging and a huge passion for helping mumpreneurs so I decided that I needed to get started with my dreams and just do it.  Positivity is what got me through the hard times, the fact that I knew that using my mind I could change my life around was so inspiring to me and yes my life is changing for the better and its very exciting.

Januarys Blogging Goals

  • Be consistent with posting and marketing – This blog has not really started as I haven’t been consistent at all. Month 1 starts now!


  • Create a marketing plan- Social Media is huge and overwhelming so I want to know exactly where to post everyday


  • Develop a Pinterest Strategy, my goal for this month is to focus on Pinterest as I feel that will help my blog growth.


  • Start making money via the blog- Via ads or affiliate marketing


  • Create a Freebie for my email marketing


Are you a blogger? What are your January Goals?

Victoria-The Positivity Mum x



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