I feel like my life is a treadmill- working single mum of four

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I wanted this blog to be about the positives in my life but I have to be really honest… working around young children and being a single mum is tough. Instead of giving advice I’m just going to tell you a bit about my life!

I feel like my life is a treadmill and I’ve felt like this for the last year and a half.  Its so hard to look after 4 children under eight, feed them, bath them, look after them when they are ill, look after them when I’m ill, sort the house out, sort the bills out, go shopping, put the bin out… I could go on! If your a mum and reading this whether your single or not what we do as a parent takes most of our time like a full time job would. So working on top of that I don’t need to explain I think you know!!!

My day usually starts with being woken up by one, two or three of my children jumping on me, turning the light on or asking me for food.. on a rare occasion they are all still asleep and I sense something is wrong… yes we have over slept and in fact I haven’t got an hours peace but we have 30 mins to get ready and out of the door… this is impossible so we are in fact late.

Talking about being late I think we are late for school 4 days out of 5 most weeks and 2 days out of 5 on a good week, not because of me which is highly annoying but because one of the children is having a paddy about something, usually by 6 year old over his trousers… that’s another story in itself.  So once they are all the car I have to face the fact I am the mum with 4 kids who is always late! I hate being late.

When we are at school we are always greeted well, I’m not sure if they feel sorry for me or they are thinking jeez can this woman ever be on time! The relief when I walk out of the building that I didn’t get told off though… I do think to myself if anyone says anthing I will ask them to take on the challenge!

So now I have Isaac, working with a 2 year old who is into everything and is what i’ve been told the clumbiest child is out of the question! So I have a life, I see my friends, come back just after lunch but realise my house is a mess and if I don’t tidy it no one will! so Isaac goes to bed( usually screaming as hes tired but has better things to do that sleep, I tidy, sometimes I have to have a shower and wash my hair because at night I can’t dry my hair properly with hairdryers as it will wake them up. 2 hours of my time to get work done, tidy and have a rest is gone…. back on the treadmill oh actually I’m still on it… back on the school run.

I pick up the children and I honestly don’t stop until they are asleep, If I go my friends its quite funny as she goes from chilled out to when my four are around, on edge because they are getting toys out and its rather noisy.  Think I’m immune to it now!
So in this time I have to sort tea and baths as we all do… then you think bedtime should be simple. No… my 4 year old just doesn’t want to sleep, most nights,  actually every night almost for the last year and a half Ive either told him id ring my mum to speak to him or have.  I’m just too tired to fight him.

Then when they are all asleep, I can’t think! Brilliant! I am that tired from the day my mind isn’t motivated and I am not productive.

Obviously I’ve had the conversation about making things easier and I’ve not put Isaac into the childminders but the last 2 weeks i’ve been sorting other things out… when am I going to get a break. I know all mums especially in my position think the same!

I am sitting here at 630… a miracle but to do this ive had 5.5 hours sleep. So actually i’ve decided to get up and work over sleep!

I need to come up with a good plan! So far this isn’t working!


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