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Hey Everyone,

Its been tough being a single mum, really tough, it was awful before which is why I’m a single mum.

But I seriously can’t go on living this way…

  • stressed out
  • overwhelmed
  • not feeling good about myself
  • feeling guilty
  • being unorganised
  • can’t focus
  • feeling run down
  • can’t get motivated
  • procrastinating
  • being anxious & depressed

Being a Mum isn’t easy but I love it.  What I’ve realised is the problem is the fact I am having a weekly mental and emotional battle with the children’s father .  He’s never on time and thinks I should have 99% of the responsibility of the children because he is building a business. I won’t go into detail  but its affecting me mentally, emotionally and physically and its drained my energy.

I know I can be a happy mum and I know I can run a successful business but I am not doing it, all my focus and energy has been put on something I can’t change. But today its changing, I don’t want to be anxious and depressed anymore,  I want to find that positive girl inside me again and do what I’ve wanted to do.

This post is to show people i’m normal and not Miss Positive all the time , also to show people where I started on my journey into having a successful business.

A quote I’ve read says … ‘planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now’

Creating a blog that will help other work from home mums juggle family and work life is my dream blog so lets do this…

Victoria x



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