My Goals for March

Get Organised

I can’t believe its March already, it feels like its only just been Christmas and New Year! Anyway time to look forward to the month ahead and make some positive changes to my life!

Goal 1- Plan and Cook Frugal Meals for the family

I chose this goal because I have been overspending recently, I have a bad habit of frequently nipping into the shop for a few bits… I come out £20 poorer.  The thing is this on a regular basis adds up and I am trying to save my money.
So my new plan of action is to organise the meals I want to cook and buy only what I need, I am thinking using the slow cooker is a good idea but i’ve got to be organised to put it in or it will be a bit pointless if by the end of the day I have no tea!  Plus I would like the Children to start eating healthier meals!

Goal 2- Start a Daily Cleaning Routine

This is a must in my house, I really need a daily routine in place that is simple and that I get in a habit of doing daily.  At the moment when I tidy I am focusing on the kitchen and the living room, to be honest I don’t get the time to tidy anything else. Its hard work tidying up around Children!

Goal 3- Organise my finances

My plan is to check my online statement very regularly just because recently ive had a few unexpected payments and if I didn’t check wouldn’t have had a clue. Also I want to be very careful this month with my spending, only buy what is needed, but a coffee here and there is acceptable 🙂  I also want to save £500 by the end of the month

Goal 4 – Start Reading daily

I really want to do this for a couple of reasons, one is that it will help me with my motivation and give me inspiration on what to blog about.  The second reason is I find it hard to relax, so reading will be relaxing time and hopefully I will learn to chill out more.

Goal 5- Tapping daily

I’ve known about EFT for a while now, even used it but not consistently.  I’ve just got a feeling that I should be doing it to help with my life.  I willmaybe teach others it in the future 🙂

Goal 6- Create a blogging, vlogging and marketing schedule and stick to it

This goal is so important to me as I know when I start this my anxiety will go away about my finances.  I’ve recently put Isaac into a childminders for 2 days a week so I can work.  Working around Children is hard work especially four so I am going to create a plan and stick to it.


Victoria x





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