5 Tips on How to be a Happier Mum

Positive Thinking

I get asked a lot about how I cope with 4 little ones as a single mum.   I don’t lie, its not easy but I make sure my life is filled with these 5 tips I am going to share with you.  Being a Mum is amazing but it is stressful at times and we need to make sure we are happy.

A happy mum means happier Children or so the saying goes 🙂

Ask for help

If you are struggling or even tired,  ask for help.  Whether that’s from your partner if you have one, your parents or even friends.   People are always there for you and sometimes assume you are ok because you haven’t asked.  Us mums know that even an hour to ourselves helps us relax,  so if you have people around you just let them know you could do with some extra support.  If you live with your partner then talk to him about anything you need help with, having children is tiring and both parents need a rest.  I know some single mums can’t get the lie ins, I’m one of them but hopefully you could get someone to have your children overnight now and again.

Spend time with friends

Friends are great you can have a laugh and talk through any problems you have, I really couldn’t have gone through motherhood without good friends to turn too for support.  From my experience when you become a mum its great to meet people with Children similar ages, you can go out for coffees, walks, playbarns so that you are not lonely or stuck at home wanting adult conversation.  One of my best friends I met when Annabelle my 8 year old was a baby, she already had 2 older children so she was a pro to me and was the best support ever.  So if you are a new mum, try and get out to baby groups and baby clinics.  I even met 2 of my friends through netmums meet a mum, we all became really good friends when our children were toddlers and it was great to have company daily.  Obviously its great to go out a night with the girls child free too 🙂

Find a hobby

Having something other that being a mum is important.  I felt like I needed a hobby mostly when I first became a mum.  I went from working daily, being very active, earning money to sitting down with a newborn, tidying up constantly and not earning.  I actually joined a gym but that didn’t work for me as I was too tired to go as I could only go in the evenings.  For me blogging became my hobby in the end, then entering online competitions.  Its great to find something you love to do as a hobby and get paid for it.

Make time for you

You need to make time for yourself daily, even if its a relaxing bath, reading a book, watching your favourite tv programme.  You need to feel relaxed and when we are relaxed we feel great and it does us a world of good.  For me as a single mum I am looking after the children every night but I make sure that they are in bed before 8, so then 8 until I am tired is my time, I usually have a radox bath and about 3 times a week watch a film.  Ive recently started meditating too which I am loving.  Everyone loves doing different things that relax them its just finding one that suits you.

Clutter Free House

I think everyone feels the same as me, when my house is tidy and clutter free I feel great.  I can walk through my house without tripping over things, everything has its place and life is just easier.  Recently I have been decluttering my house as I have had more spare time since Isaac started nursery and its made me feel so much happier.  They do  say a tidy and organised house means a tidy mind.


I hope my 5 Tips help you and I would love to read any comments

Victoria xxx



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