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Hey Everyone, I’m really excited to share some changes with you about my blog and my business.  Firstly the last few weeks I have been putting my focus into my business on social media using facebook and Instagram so that’s why there hasn’t been any updates or posts on this blog or my youtube channel. My intention was always to return to my blog and youtube channel which I love when I had that extra time.  So here I am 🙂

I love the fact that social media has given mums (especially) the chance to create a better life for themselves whether its blogging, direct sales, affiliate marketing and more.  The amazing thing is we can turn are hobbies, what we would do for free into a income which can easily change families lives.

Having 4 children and working is not easy when you are a single mum as when the children are home I have to focus on them, its just the way it is as they are young and adventurous.  So when they are in bed or at school I work on my business which is in network marketing.  I have recently changed to a different company as for me I was struggling in my last company, when I came across my new company and the team I was blown away and was a easy decision as my goal is to be successful, when you are not happy you will not do well.



I always wanted to blog however I didn’t know whether to be a network marketer or a mummy blogger, I love both. I love the team work, making new friends, the positivity in network marketing and with blogging I love the opportunities for my children, the communities and I love sharing my life.   My blog is like my home on the internet.  Before I always struggled to combine both without feeling like I was working two different things.

I came to realise that my blog can be about my life, I don’t need to compare myself to anyone else, I don’t need to be that mummy blogger that everyone follows, I can be me. I can share my life, my positivity and just be myself.

You will find on this blog…  My journey with my business, my life as a stay at home mum working around my children, what I love, product reviews from myself and my Children and any tips I have about being a mum or to do with helping people who use social media.

Thank you for reading, Victoria xx

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