Gel-A-Peel Unboxing & Review



Annabelle like most 8 year old girls loves creating pretty things and she was extremely excited to review the gel-a-peel kit.  We decided to create a video as well as the blog post to share her reactions.  Annabelle was sent the pastel coloured kit but there are quite a few different kits including neon, 3D and  ones that you can add beads too.

A bit of information about Gel-A-Peel

The idea with the products is that children can design and create their own fashionable accessories like necklaces and bracelets with gel tubes with the help of design templates.   Using the gel colour tubes to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and the creations are ready to wear after they have dried.

Annabelle’s Video

Annabelles Opinion (8 years Old)

‘I love it, I love making bracelets for my friends, my friends want one now’

My Opinion on the Product as a parent

Before we were sent the gel-a-peel I hadn’t actually heard about it, so I did ask friends online and I was told their children loved it and it was not messy.

When it arrived I loved the packaging, I thought it was very appealing to children.   I loved the pastel colours Annabelle was sent and I just knew it was going to keep her entertained for a while.  I was right!

Annabelle loved unboxing the kit and deciding what designs she was going to do first. It wasn’t easy for her to create at first but she soon got the hang of it. It wasn’t messy which I personally was thankful for and it did dry well, we left it overnight.  I would definitely recommend this product.

*we were sent this product for free and the opinions our all our own



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