Num Noms Review- Series 3


Annabelle and Callum were so excited when I told them they were reviewing Num Noms. I’ve bought them the single packs before but not the sets so when two sets arrived they were so happy, probably as they didn’t have to share 🙂  Ever since Num Noms arrived they have really been so popular with Children, as a parent I don’t always know what the popular toys are but I heard the words Num Noms from the beginning.

These Num Noms were inspired by sweet foods. One was the Fresh Fruits Starter Pack contains three scented Nums: Sadie Seeds, Becky Banana and Melony Seeds( pictured with Callum) and the other was the scented started pack inspired by marshmallows(pictured with Annabelle), Sara S’mores, Rachel Raspberry, Bella Bubblegum.  They also include a scented eraser each.

Scented Nums are adorable, squishy characters with tons of personality. The Nom is a scented eraser! Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make 1,200+ sweet scented combinations.

Annabelle’s and Callum’s Review –  They smell amazing and I love playing with them.  Callum added ‘they look like food’

My thoughts- I think they are a great collectable toy for Children, they look adorable and they smell lovely.  I love the fact they have individual names too.  Most importantly they are affordable, these packs we were sent are approximately £10, smaller packs start at approximately £3. I recommend these toys to parents with 5+ Children.


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