Project Mc2 Ember Doll Review


My daughter Annabelle is 8 years old and doesn’t always want to really play with toys anymore.  She has started that pre teenager stage and would happily watch tv programmes all day if I let her.  Luckily one of her favourite programmes on netflix’s is called Project Mc2 which is about a group of teenage girls that have a fab fashion sense, act cool and use their science skills to save the day. I love that it shows girls that its cool to be clever plus gives them knowledge about science.

We were sent the Ember Doll to review and Annabelle was so excited to have it.   My first impressions were that she is such a beautiful doll, with gorgeous long red hair. Ember also has a really unique but fashionable dress with matching boots.  Not only do you get the beautiful doll there is a activity inside, with Ember you get to make your own glitter tattoos.  All my Children love tattoos, fake obviously haha!  I love the fact they are glitter tattoos I think its such a great idea. You will need to provide the household items such as cornstarch though.

This doll retails at £24.99 and the fact the doll also has a activity too makes it great value for money.  It is recommended for ages 6+. She comes with a tattoo bottle with cap, comb and glitter.

My thoughts- I love the fact that this toy is educational and combines science as well as getting a pretty doll.  It has kept Annabelle engaged and enjoying using her imagination. The quality of the doll is fantastic and its arms and hands can move due to the design which is great, I can’t remember my dolls doing that years ago 🙂 Annabelle wants the whole collection and I definitely will be buying her favourite character soon.


Disclosure- We were sent a Ember Project Mc2 Doll to review, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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