My February 2018 Goals

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Hi Everyone,

Today I have decided to share with you my February 2018 goals.  I haven’t set myself any goals for a while now but I feel ready to get organised.  I must be getting my motivation  back 🙂

At the start of March I will review my February goals and share March’s goals. So here we go…

Blog Goals

  • Be active on Social Media  

Since I stopped working on my business in direct sales my social media postings have dwindled.   I had to take a break from working on social media to decide what I wanted to do.  Now I know that I would love my blog to become a business and provide for my family so its time to get active again.  I will stick to a social media strategy and share my stats next month.

  • Write at least 3 Blog Posts Every week  

I want this blog to become my business therefore I need to treat my blog like my business not a hobby.  I want to share my life and inspire others.  I need to share value and content with the world and I feel having at least 3 good posts active a week is a good goal to help my blog grow.

  • Get started on pinterest

I’ve read pinterest is a great platform for bloggers and getting traffic to your blog.  I do have a pinterest account but I have not used it properly.  I look forward to getting started and sharing how I did this month.

  • Get Involved with other bloggers

I used to be a active blogger when my first two children were small, I even had blogging friends.  When I switched my focus to affiliate marketing and direct sales I lost contact with the blogging community.  I know how important it is having those connections so I need to make some online friends again.


Personal Goals

  • Get up before the Children

I would love to get in the habit of setting my alarm and getting up before my children.  I am a morning person and would love some quiet time in the morning to start the day in the right way.  I feel that I can write some posts, check my emails etc so I then can be organised and on top of my day.

  • Create a Cleaning Routine and stick up to it

I need to create a cleaning routine, even a rota to get the children involved.  If my house is untidy I find it hard to do any important tasks like blogging.   I feel like I am always catching up with the housework, I will do some research, there must be a better way.

  • Take Isaac to a Toddler Group Every week

Isaac now attends Pre-school/Nursery 2.5 days a week, we usually go to play cafes on one of the days and do errands/stay at home the other day and a half.  As Isaac only has a year and a half until he starts reception ( how? ) I want to make the most of that special time with him and I think its important to make more friends, him and me.

  • Start Slow Cooking

I have to admit I am not the best at cooking mainly because I don’t have the patience which is why I think using a slow cooker would suit me. I will find recipes and share any delicious meals with you.


So there are my goals for February 2018!  Do you have any goals for this month? I would love to find out how you are doing.

Hope you are having a great day, Victoria x

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