My Story

Welcome, I want to share with you my story about how this Blog ‘The Positivity Mum’ was started.


My name is Victoria I am 30 Years Old and I have lived in Cheshire, England all my Life, I became a mum at 23, then had 3 more Children since, after I had my first Child I suffered with Anxiety, I firstly found blogging that helped me focus on something else in my quiet times, then after my third Child found out about Positive Thinking and Personal Development and its Changed my life.

Mindset Training or Personal Development has made me think clearly, have confidence and believe in myself.  I found the courage to leave a 11 year relationship that wasn’t good for me.  Since July 2015 I have been a single mum bringing up 4 Children under 8 years up on my own, its had its challenges but I believe that its happened for a reason and I love thinking positive about our Future.

Here are my 4 Children, they are Annabelle who is 7, Callum who is 5, Joseph who is 3 and Isaac who is 1.


My Children and my passion Inspired me to Create this Blog, this place where mums especially can come to have that positive support they need.   Being a Mum is the hardest thing in the world but at the same time the most Amazing thing in the world.  Mums need support, need to know they are not alone, have the right people around them to lift them up, help them be happy in the moment.   We are all human we are not positive all the time, me included but having the inspiration to think positive is the best option.

On this blog you will find…. my own journey as a mum of 4, you will find out my goals, my dreams, what we get up to on a day to day basis and what we have planned.  Including recipes, Organisation and more

You will also find tips and advice on positive parenting, even my own experience as I have a little challenge myself with my third child who is now 3.  I will explain more in this blog.

I will also share information, inspiring quotes and stories about Positive Thinking, how it can benefit you and your family.

I am such a girly Girl I love makeup and hair, basically mum stuff, I will share my favourite products, do reviews and anything I think would benefit my readers.

Thank You for reading my story and I hope you enjoy this Blog.


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